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Curbside Morning Valet Drop-Off

"BEE" Safe when you drop your child off!

The Curbside Valet Service allows students to be safely dropped off at school in the morning without the need for parking. The service is offered between 7:40 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. each week day and is being organized exclusively by parent volunteers. 


To ensure the safety of all children, all drivers should follow these simple rules:

  • Please follow the instructions of the Valet crew.
  • Please do not park within 10 feet of the orange coned area.
  • Pull all the way forward to the volunteer (unloading zone) before allowing children to exit the car.
  • Allow the Adult Volunteer assist children from the car. Drivers do not need to exit their vehicles.
  • Parent/ Students should have the Daily Pass ready, only families with a Daily Pass may use the Valet Drop-Off.
  • Children should gather their books, backpacks, jackets, lunch and/or any personal belongings prior to reaching the Valet Zone so they are ready to immediately exit the car.
  • Before exiting the Valet area, drivers should wait for a signal from the Valet Volunteer to ensure children are safely out of the way.
valet flier


bee safe

Use our efficient Valet Program!


There is no need to double park on Hazeltine Avenue or cross Enadia Way in middle of the street!

  • Respect the vest!! Our wonderful valet team is comprised of parent volunteers. They work for free to keep you safe!
  • Please respect them as they do this important work for Hazeltine!
  • If you would like to join our awesome valet team, contact Maribel Lopez at 818-781-1040 or [email protected]