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If you would like to volunteer at Hazeltine Elementary School please go here

  1. Print out Volunteer Application
  2. Fill the application out and return to the Main Office

You may also contact our Parent Center Director, Maribel Lopez, to discuss ways in which you can assist our school. You may contact her by calling (818) 781-1040.

Come and volunteer at Hazeltine!!

Get Ready to be a volunteer:

  1. Fill a volunteer form- you can pick one up in the main office
  2. Fingerprints  (only applies if volunteering for more than 16 hours)
  3. T.B. Clearance-must be within 6 months prior to turning in your application

There are many opportunities to volunteer:

  1. In the classroom
  2. In the Parent Center (on Helping Hands Mondays and for special events.)
  3. In the school library